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The Pittsburgh Regional Building Trades Council has been created to support the various union craft sectors within the western Pennsylvania region.  It represents 19 different craft sectors and over 33 local unions.  With the belief that every worker deserves a fair wage and safe working conditions, the Pittsburgh Regional Building Trades Council’s purpose is to protect and further these basic rights, as well as continue to create family sustainable jobs and a middle class living in Pennsylvania.


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Latest News

30 May
Local 3 Ironworker's Prestigious Award & A Life-Saving Safety Case Study

Ironworker John Balik Named TAUC Craftperson of the Year May 16, 2013 ARLINGTON, VA – John Balik has been named the 2013 TAUC James...

5 Apr
Pittsburgh Business Times : Pittsburgh region's building-trade unions get unified drug testing

Anya LitvakReporter-Pittsburgh Business Times The region’s building-trade unions launched a unified drug-testing program April 1 covering all 1...