Training - The Lifeline & Future of our Unions

Having a project completed successfully relies on the quality of the craftsmanship.  The quality of craftsmanship is dependent on having the necessary training and skills to get the job done.  Within Western Pennsylvania, there are 17 tuition-free apprenticeship programs which combine both vital classroom curriculum and essential, on-the-job training.  These programs produce a skilled and professional workforce capable of constructing various projects.


The training continues, however, after the apprentices graduate.  There are a variety of upgrading, certification, safety, and other skill related courses that are offered by the unions.  With on-going training, the contractors and owners can count on the skills and correct behaviors such as accountability, punctuality, and initiative of the men and women hired for each project.  This results in each craftsman excelling on the job site.


Our Partners Realization:  An added value is having the confidence that a well-trained, industry educated, safe, and reliable workforce is available at a moment’s notice.


Altogether, the union trades in Western Pennsylvania invest more than $10 million annually in their training centers and apprenticeship programs.  To find out about these facilities, please contact the Pittsburgh Building Trades Council at 412-344-4775 or visit the individual TRADES pages to learn more.