Sprinkler Fitters Local 542


The work of the Sprinkler Fitter consists of the installation and maintenance, repairs, adjustments, and corrections of all fire protection and fire control systems including the installation and testing of backflow devices and including the unloading, handling by hand or with power equipment and installation of all piping or tubing, appurtenances, and equipment pertaining thereto, including both overhead and underground water mains, fire hydrants, and hydrant mains, all standpiping, underground piping, and control systems in connection with, or part of, automatic Sprinkler systems for the prevention and control of fire, sprinkler tank heaters, air lines and thermal systems, also all tanks and pumps connected thereto, also included shall be CO-2 and Cardox Systems, Dry Chemical Systems, Foam Systems, Core Drilling, Halogenized Systems and alternatives such as FM 200 systems and all other fire protection Systems but excluding steam fire protection systems and standpipes not connected to automatic Sprinkler systems.


  • Installation and Maintenance of Fire Protection & Fire Control Systems
  • Installation and Testing of Backflow Devices
  • Overhead and Underground Water Mains
  • Fire Hydrants and Hydrant Mains
  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems
  • Sprinkler Tank Heaters
  • CO-2 & Cardox Systems, Dry Chemical Systems, Foam Systems
  • Core Drilling, Halogenized Systems, FM 200 Systems